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Dave Singleton is an award-winning writer, editor and multimedia communicator. He is the author of three nonfiction books, including CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush (Harper Collins, April 2016), The Mandates (Crown, 2004) and Behind Every Great Woman (Penguin Perigee, 2005). His work has appeared in publications including the The ...

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Calm-Downers, Resisters, and Bags by the Door

My new essay Calm-Downers, Resisters, and Bags by the Door. Sparked by a post-election day conversation about politics and protests. How do you stay engaged and zen at the same time? It's in the premier issue of Scoundrel Time, a literary journal where artists & writers resist threats to freedom through creative works.  I am ...

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CRUSH: Now Out in Paperback

CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing, and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush CRUSH (HarperCollins) launched in April 2016 with a hardcover and audiobook.  The paperback came out February 2017.  With NEW essays by James Franco, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Andrew McCarthy, and 34 others, including me. Order here. We’ve gotten great reviews in Kirkus Reviews ...

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I Think I Love Him

I Think I Love Him is an excerpt from my book CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing, and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush (Harper Collins, 2016).    

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Caring for Our Wounded Warriors

“I thought I was going to spend the next few years dreaming about retirement, not taking care of my injured son.” So said a woman in her early fifties to me at a party several years ago, as she described her life as a new, full-time caregiver. Returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan after ...

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Technology, Dating and You

The latest technology trends that are supposed to make life easier for us can add layers of complication to your dating life. Why? Technology opens the Pandora’s box of modern romance. Once you start texting, Internet stalking, and friending dates, you’ve opened the box, and there’s no turning back. We are supposed to manage technology; ...

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Finding Pride and Home: The State of LGBT Housing

Thanks, NLGJA! Honored to win your 2015 2nd place Excellence in Online Journalism Award for this.  I'm also honored to be included in Huffington Post's Best Journalists Covering LGBT Issues writers. The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association award is for my 2014 Caring.com piece, Finding Pride and Home: A Look at Housing for Older LGBT ...

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The author with his mother, Jan Horner, at her 80th birthday party

Love You Bushels: A Memoir of Mom

"In my hall closet, behind the vacuum cleaner and under a pile of books, I found the box of greeting cards."  Like many friends my age, I’m looking for ways to latch onto memories while my parent is still here. There in an old, forgotten boxes of greeting cards was a narrative I hadn't pieced ...

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The Lost Generation: The 30th Anniversary of AIDS in Washington. An Oral History and Timeline

Washingtonian published my oral history and memoir in 2011, thirty years after the first AIDS cases were identified. I interviewed dozens of Washingtonians to reflect on what the early years of the epidemic were like, the toll the disease has taken, and why there’s an ongoing crisis in DC.  This feature includes an oral history with ...

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Dating 101 for Boomer Women

When it comes to dating & relationships, I write for all ages, sexes, orientations, and...just about every type that comes to mind...getting the latest from experts, interviewing people about their experiences, offering my own thoughts, and bringing the latest research and trends to the fore.  This is a piece I wrote specifically for women in ...

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Cooking Up Father’s Day Traditions

I wonder how many chefs were inspired by their own fathers’ passion for food? Chef and Dublin native Cathal Armstrong (pronounced with silent “t”) fits the bill.  In fact, he has his cooking enthusiast dad to thank for getting him into the food business.  “I never thought I’d do for a living what my father ...

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The Male Caregiver

As societal expectations catch up to the reality, the label should no longer raise an eyebrow. The sheer numbers of men in this role are impossible to ignore. Read my report on The Male Caregiver.  

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The Stonewall Riots 40th Anniversary

My 22-part, award-winning* multimedia report on the Stonewall Riots' 40th Anniversary is online. In 2009, I wrote and produced a twenty-two part, award-winning* multimedia report on the Stonewall Riots' 40th Anniversary for AARP Media.  Coverage included writing a timeline of major events since 1958 and 10 articles, including a 1st person essay entitled Seven Years Old ...

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Profile of Alzheimer's Researcher Claude Wischik

Is this man leading us forward in the fight against Alzheimer's?  I profiled Dr. Claude Wischik, a renowned 63-year-old researcher who's spent the last 30 years immersed in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. He wants to change the current focus of Alzheimer's research and he isn't afraid of stirring controversy to do it.    

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On Meditation and Purpose

Let's have a moment of silent appreciation for meditation. It seems to be having quite the year. Media attention, such as Time magazine's recent "Mindful Revolution" cover story, has placed it firmly in the pop-culture zeitgeist. Findings from recent studies, like this one from the Association for Psychological Science, show that mindfulness meditation, which cultivates awareness of ...

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